School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Jerry Newman


worship leader, church, congregants


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship


Despite many Baptists Churches in North Texas, most church congregants vary significantly in how they characterize an excellent worship leader. These congregants often rely on trial and error to establish characteristic traits that are acceptable for the whole of a particular church. There is a gap in the research study of characteristics that make an excellent worship leader according to the perspectives of Baptist congregants in North Texas. This study will find which attributes of worship leadership are most desirable according to the views of North Texas Baptist congregants. These literary examples do not specifically name what characteristics North Texas Baptist church congregants want from a worship leader. There is no actual data from a North Texas regionalized study of what encompasses a good worship leader. Surveys of congregants can create a formidable list of worthy worship leader traits through digital platforms. This study is critical because it will help church seekers have a tangible list of characteristics when deciding which church might best suit their worship needs. This qualitative study supplies data that is currently lacking in contemporary research texts.