School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Joshua Adam Carver


Music Theory, Fun, Praxial Music Philosophy, Gamification, Game-Based Learning, Summer Learning Loss


Education | Music | Music Education


This curriculum project will attempt to demonstrate how having fun can facilitate learning music theory. Furthermore, in this project, I also propose that using games, songs, mnemonic devices, and other types of wordplay and edutainment (the marriage of education and entertainment) can combat summer learning loss and other learning gaps or school breaks, in addition to inspiring the motivation, interest, and desire within students to learn. My curriculum project will also claim that by having fun and enjoying their learning, students will be more likely to improve and develop their musicianship skills. Within this curriculum project, I will attempt to find and develop music theory-inspired games, songs, and mnemonic devices based on my 12 years of music education and experience. I will also investigate current methods of learning music theory and be attempting to make a game based on these methods. Also, due to the popularity of mobile phone applications, I will attempt to find mobile music theory applications that are already developed in order to help reinforce the concepts of music theory. The aim of this curriculum project is to make learning music theory fun. By making learning fun, students will be motivated to participate in planned activities and games outside of the classroom, either with friends or on their own.