School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


David Wayne Meyer


missions, mobilization, millennials, unreached, people groups, the great commission


Art and Design | Missions and World Christianity


All over the world, billions of people are walking throughout their entire lives without ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and they never will unless someone crosses into their culture to share it with them. Giving Gospel access to all people groups is a huge mission for the Church to tackle, but this mission is often not even known among the Millennial generation. Initial investigation for this thesis found that although some Millennials are engaging in missions, there is still a huge need for people to give, go, pray, and send, especially as older missions workers age out. Existing literature on the subject found that when Millennials don’t engage in missions, it’s mostly caused by a lack of awareness of the purpose, value, and opportunities for involvement in missions. Therefore, this thesis explores how the Church can better mobilize Millennials to missions. For the research process, first the existing research on Millennials and missions was reviewed. Then, case studies and visual analyses of those studies were conducted on three projects related to the topic. Finally, 9 missions workers and 13 Millennials were interviewed with a guided-storytelling-style. The research showed that Millennials need a resource tailored to them to shed light on three aspects of missions: the purpose, the value, and opportunities for involvement. The visual solution proposed by this thesis creates clear pathways for Millennials to engage with missionaries and missions opportunities so they can take ownership of the task to evangelize the nations.