School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Rebecca Watson


Christian leadership principles, spiritual wellness


Music | Music Education


The Christian music educator and worship leader have common leadership roles where music and faith collide. Research and studies have been produced regarding the application of biblical principles to the role of the worship leader and other church leadership positions, but there is little information on how they apply to the role of the Christian music educator. This curriculum project was created to provide Christian music educators with a strong foundation for growing and maintaining spiritual wellness as they enter the field of music education and assist them in developing a plan for integrating these concepts into their everyday teaching methods and philosophy. By embracing this instructional course, future or current Christian music educators will be prompted to incorporate a biblical worldview explicitly and implicitly as the foundation for their teaching, which may affect the lives of their students by inspiring them to lead a godly life. Through the application of principles found in the primary source for this project, “Lead,” by Paul David Tripp, and other Christian leadership resources, this course will provide music educators with faith-based solutions for becoming a healthy, well-balanced, and spiritually fulfilled leader. This topic will bring value to the field of music education as it promotes future teachers to care for their own spiritual wellness and lead with biblical principles in mind, which in turn encourages longevity in the field, may improve overall leadership strategies, and prevents burnout.