Master of Arts (MA)


Donald R. Richards

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Clergy; Religion, General; Sociology, General


evangelism, Taiwan, technique


The call of missions cries out from the ends of the earth. Many millions of people have never heard the gospel and are waiting for someone to share the good news with them. Some have responded to this call of taking the gospel to the unsaved millions of the world, and others contemplate all of the many factors involved in doing missionary work. Missionary work needs to be defined here as cross-cultural evangelism in a foreign country which opens up a whole new set of problems in analyzing missionary work.

This thesis will focus on the problems and issues facing missionaries attempting to plant churches in Taiwan. Next an analysis of research done with Chinese Christians will be explored followed up with suggested applications for present day missionaries in Taiwan. Finally, projected theories for developing an evangelistic strategy for the field of Taiwan will be explored. The study done with the Chinese in this thesis will not only benefit those considering doing missionary work in Taiwan but also will aid in developing strategies for evangelizing other mission fields in the world.