College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing


Durrell Nelson


aesthetic disclosure in film, film as prayer, transcendence in film, episodic events in supernatural films, screenplay Ruthie's Game, philosophical perspective of Christian messages in film, Writing for the 21st century, phenomenological study of Christian messages in film, brain maps in film, metaxu in film, how to write a realistic and modern Christian screenplay, the power of film inspires Christian thought


Communication | Creative Writing


Ruthie’s Game is a screenplay designed to repeat supernatural episodic events, which, according to research, may act as foundations for faith systems because watching films is a prayerful act, and the more it is repeated the longer the brain stores the memory. The thesis explores how Christian messages are received through film with a brief on the science behind the brain’s activities and how it reflexes film’s episodic events for later use. Testimonies, interviews, and personal comments show an audience seeking secular films with intellectual storyline and with no preaching to the choir. Ruthie’s Game shares Christian messages in an entertaining storyline with surprising supernatural events. Realistic characters face relatable family drama, and each overcomes personal obstacles.