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Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Paul Rumrill


Music, Education, Urban, Kodaly, Orff, Rap, Hip-Hop


Education | Music | Music Education


Teaching in the urban community requires an undertaking of counseling, constant understanding, and helping advance students’ prior knowledge to provide future comprehension. The goal as an educator is to guide the student along their journey in learning and practicing information that they receive throughout. Giving students the opportunity to see that they are capable of comprehending a subject they never thought they could is the main goal. Teaching the urban community can be a big challenge. The educator must take on learning the specific history of the demographic they instruct, and focus educate themselves on the challenges that the students of the area face. It is important to note that students in the urban community face more than the issues of today but the issues of the prior generations only dating back forty-one years. Understanding the student requires a desire to meet the needs of students in their own interests and abilities to bridge learning to educate the students on their level and bridging their culture and learning style with the lessons that will be taught. This Curriculum Project will present an approach to bridging the gap of learning by rote and praxial learning with elements of curated culture and the genre of rap music. This project will review musical elements popular in the urban community and engage students through rap-based instructional elements. Research will also be conducted to collect data and yield results. This Curriculum Project will present a brief history of urban education, solutions to engaging and educating urban music students, and define a plan of research that will test the validity of the hypotheses.