School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Audra Rygh


Diabetes, graphic design, infographics, website, awareness


Fine Arts


Diabetes has been studied for thousands of years, however the root cause of this disease is still unknown. Although there are have been many disoveries for treatment options for this disease, there has yet to be a discovery of a cure. Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic that currently affects millions of people and is expected to affect millions more in the future. This disease often results in fatal health complications which contribute to years of life lost and mortality rates. The project proposes a solution for individuals affected by diabetes and those that are currently undiagnosed. The expected outcome of this project is that individuals will be able to recognize underlying symptoms associated with diabetes and understand their risks for developing this disease. An additional anticipated outcome is the increase in self-management techniques which may help prevent or delay this disease from occurring or progressing. Furthermore, an anticipated outcome is the reduction in the amount of individuals that are affected by diabetes and a reduction in diabetes mortality rates.

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