School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


David Wayne Meyer


online teaching, COVID-19, videos, e-streams


Art and Design


The COVID-19 pandemic affected educational delivery dramatically, as many classes were transferred from ground to online in just a few weeks. This research explored the impact this transfer had on teachers and students. The research focused on student motivation and productivity in the online environment, as well as teacher presence in and preparedness for the online environment. The problem statement for this research is as follows: The COVID-19 pandemic responses to education diminished teacher presence resulting in a steep decline in student motivation and productivity. In addition to an extensive literature review, three case studies to better understand what had already been successfully done at schools to encourage teacher presence online were completed through reviewing secondary sources that included journal articles. The research showed that students had a better outcome and experience in courses that included teacher- delivered e-streams and teacher-created videos. Students who were able to interact with teachers during e-streams and see their teachers during videos were more motivated and productive, as students felt a connection to the course since the teacher was actively involved. However, the research also showed that teachers needed additional training on how to create e-streams and videos. The visual solution of this research is a website that includes ideas on simple ways to use available technology to create e-streams and videos. The website provides suggestions that can be done quickly to ensure that teachers are present online and is designed for teachers that are offered no other immediate training.