School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joseph Wright


gamification, education, skill, tree, motivation, progress


Art and Design | Education


Students can have difficulty visualizing the end goals of units of study and how one learned concept impacts another. They will benefit from seeing their progress toward completion and are motivated by how far they have come in their class. Progress in a course can be measured with the implementation of gamification tools. Gamification involves the integration of game frameworks into non-gaming areas. This research seeks to find how these and other gamification systems help increase student motivation or classroom performance. Elements of gaming are already found in some areas of education. Some schools have access to various tools to engage students, from quizzes on SmartBoards to students using their phones to participate in classroom polls and interactive assessments. I will use the research to develop a visual solution to benefit classroom stakeholders. Using a tool to gamify course lessons into a visual skill tree will allow teachers to identify broad concepts, bring clarity to connections between steps, and support student agency and choice as they unlock assignments.