School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Jerry L. Newman


Elementary Orchestra, Hybrid, Remote, Distance Learning, Curriculum


Education | Music


Remote and distance musical instruction can be traced back to the earliest transmissions of radio and television. In the last few decades, it has made considerable strides due to the development of the internet and growing supportive software and online platforms. However, when the COVID-19 virus swept the world, many school districts were forced to convert to full- remote instruction instantaneously. While some unique and beneficial strategies developed out of this, many aspects and strategies proved to be less than ideal and inferior to in-person instruction, particularly where it pertained to performance and ensemble-based instrumental instruction. This project strives to create a hybrid curriculum for a 5th-grade elementary orchestra. It combines the successful methods and practices found within remote instruction with the aspects of live, in- person instruction essential to teaching music ensembles, especially for those with string students of this particular age group. This curriculum is created to work in conjuncture with preparing repertoire for orchestra concerts while it simultaneously expands students’ technical knowledge, skills, and competencies in playing their instruments and fosters critical thinking and musically reflective skills within students.