School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joseph Wright


Meetings, Productivity, Work, Effectiveness, Organization, Collaboration


Art and Design


Meetings are commonplace in organizations worldwide. In fact, meetings are important for collaboration, creative innovation, sharing information, coordinating activities, and more. Meetings in and of themselves are not bad; in fact, they are needed. The problem plaguing organizations and employees is the massive amount of time spent in poorly ran and unproductive meetings. This research aims to establish that these unproductive and poorly ran meetings are affecting employee morale, productivity and costing organizations millions each year. Research shows that improving meetings can positively affect strategic organizational outcomes and company culture and save time and money. This body of research shows that employees at all levels of the organization spend an excessive amount of time in meetings. These meetings either result in significant job satisfaction and productivity or create tired, stressed, and unfulfilled employees, all of which affect productivity. This research also identifies some critical components to meeting a success, including graphic facilitation and proper planning. Providing facilitators and attendees with the resources they need to put together or participate in meetings is key to having meetings that produce results, engage employees, and motivate action. This paper aims to identify the core problems and build a solution that will produce better meeting results.