School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Monica A. Bruenjes


Creatives, Ministry, Church, Volunteer, Recruitment, Creativity


Art and Design | Religion


Churches often struggle to identify and recruit talented visual communicators because of a lack of familiarity with visual communication, limited resources, and an inability to recruit to an area of ministry they do not understand. Marketing needs accelerate as fast as technology innovates, and if the church fails to keep up, it will lose its relevance. With each passing day, the importance of having an effective creative team at a church’s disposal grows. Most of the research on this subject focuses on who participates in volunteering and identifying demographic or economic statuses. Few researchers have taken the next step to identify how to connect arts and culture volunteers to ministry-oriented organizations. This study analyzes the demographics, motivation, recruitment, management, and the sub-classification of arts and culture volunteers. This research inspired the development of a tool in the form of a template recruitment campaign for churches to address their visual communication needs to their patrons and the public. The development of such a tool is founded in the study and analysis of three unique and pre-existing recruitment campaigns. Each campaign is evaluated in depth visually and fundamentally. The results of the studies inspired and directed the evolution of the template campaign.