Chase Perry Cakmis




Rawlings School of Divinity


Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (MA)


Aaron J. Werner


Extraterrestrials, Christian Response, UFO, ET, Christianity, Alien


Practical Theology | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Extraterrestrial beliefs (ET-ism) have become a cultural craze in contemporary times, infatuating many who encounter these ideas. ET-ism has influenced all forms of media, science, and even religion. With ET-ism permeating all facets of society, Christians need to know how to approach this craze and the ideas that sprout from it. Much research has been conducted on this subject both on the individual and scientific level, thrusting these beliefs from fringe views believed only by the paranoid into widely accepted ideas even within the scientific community. While Christian circles have discussed this subject in the past, it is becoming a rarity today, giving the idea that Christians need to prepare for these ideas more credence. After researching ET-ism using published books, theses, news reports, peer-reviewed articles, and even declassified government documents, three reigning paradigms on ET-ism form. These paradigms were then further dissected to understand better the underlying beliefs each paradigm offers and how Christians need to respond to each. This research concluded that Christians and churches should be prepared to tackle all three paradigms, remain faithful amid this cultural craze, and understand adherents to these paradigms. Ultimately, It matters not which paradigm ends up being true (or if another altogether is validated); it matters how Christians ultimately respond to each possibility and to the people that hold on to each one as the truth. (p. 68)