School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Chelsea Bass


Elderly, Interface, Graphic Design, Medical


Art and Design


It is generally agreed upon that the purpose of technology is to aid humanity through various means like: making a task more convenient, or overcoming something previously deemed “impossible.” From the dawn of man to the era in which we stand, technology has steadily improved alongside civilization. This steady progress has seemingly hastened every year. Looking at technology from the viewpoint of “necessary everyday life tasks,” the past three decades have changed dramatically. With every year that passes, more things have become accessible through the web. Not everyone can keep pace with this rapid expansion into the “non-physical” digital world that hides beyond screens. One of these “left behind” groups is the elderly. This literature review’s purpose is to determine what exactly causes the elderly to fall behind in technological literacy. This investigation seeks to answer questions like, “what challenges arise that prevent the elderly from using new technology?” and “does the product’s design favor the young over the old?” The review aims to analyze various studies and determine specific and cross-cultural causes that the elderly face when interacting with technology.