College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MA)


Sarah Christine Rice


Standard Operation Procedures, (SOP), Policy and Procures, Documentation, Non-profit


Arts and Humanities


Many times, non-profit organizations are very good at fundraising and running their organizations. Many non-profits have limited documentation on their daily procedures, such as operations, events, or fundraising. They have inadequate documentation of how their organization operates. Many non-profits lack an essential part of their policy and procedures, the Standard Operating Procedure manual (SOP). A non-profit organization should have an SOP for the functionality of their organizations. This thesis project discusses why non-profit organizations should develop and incorporate an SOP into their organization's policy and procedures. This thesis also discusses the validity, importance, and advantages of creating an SOP for their organization. This thesis used the qualitative research method and the descriptive method to prove that using a Standard Operations Procedures manual in a non-profit organization will enable the organization to run professionally and more efficiently. This thesis project will use interview questions and survey results to prove the argument that non-profit organizations should use an SOP. There is also a sample of the SOP manual from an existing non-profit organization.