School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Jerry L. Newman


Music, Native American, Indian, Multiculturalism




Music Education has always been the doorway to experiencing something new and wonderful. Music Education, before now in America, has always taught western-styled music. Today, culture has become an essential ingredient to being an American. The learning and appreciation of other cultures have become particularly important in a student's journey within music to ensure the feeling of community, respect for others, and the experience of different styles. Native American music has become threatened with extinction by the shortage of information available and the lack of instructors that can teach it. Generations upon generations have lost this opportunity to learn and experience the culture due to this misfortune. The research paper and curriculum project will demonstrate how students will benefit and learn from Native American Music through the development of learning the brief history of Native tribes, instruments used, and techniques produced by those instruments. Researchers early on attempted to record and illustrate the music but did not fathom the significance of the culture, so the results were poorly recorded. Due to the lack of documentation, many natives understand the culture. The paper's research will answer the question, "How can Music Education open the door for teaching Native American music?" The curriculum project will demonstrate the sense of importance with the process of delivering the information, demonstrating the information, and conducting assessments that ensure the students can digest it. This study will also show that teaching Native American music can alter and broaden each student's mind.

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