School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Jerry Newman


Intonation, sight-singing, elementary, band


Education | Music


This curriculum study aimed to examine the effects of sight-singing activities on elementary band students' intonation. The curriculum is aimed at university teacher candidates who plan to teach elementary music. Activities and lessons offered in the curriculum are centered around sight-singing, ear training, and intonation. Additionally, singing activities are incorporated into every rehearsal to strengthen aural skills and inform students how to apply those skills to intonation fixes. Through this study, the researcher aimed to show the importance of singing and sight-singing activities on band students, particularly those in marginalized groups that have experienced trauma and are of low socioeconomic status. Additionally, points made in the study demonstrate a positive impact on students’ intonation after implementing sight-singing activities. Concerns were addressed, such as the concern that spending time on singing activities wastes valuable instruction time spent playing concert material. At the end of the study, sample lesson plans are provided that fit into various schedules.