School of Communication and Creative Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


David Meyer


invasive, species, invasive species, nonnative species, national park, creative, brochure, animation, artistic solution, tourist, ecotourist, ecosystem, species, park, hiking, camping, outdoors


Art and Design | Environmental Sciences


Invasive species are a major issue around the world and more specifically in our U.S. National Parks. Ranging from plants to insects to animals, invasive species are a greater threat than many may imagine. The impact that invasive species have on an ecosystem encompasses more than taking over a native species’ environment; it includes competing for food, water, and other resources, as well as having an adverse effect on our economy and threatening us with deadly diseases. Many factors lead to the cause of spread of invasive species, but all point back to human interference, from purposely spreading invasive species to unknowingly spreading them. Various solutions have been created over the years to help decrease and remove invasive species from national parks. Nothing has worked and the National Park Service (NPS) has only been able to keep invasive species under control and manageable but have not fully been able to remove invasive species from the parks. This project serves as a way for people to start a conversation around invasive species and to work to decrease the spread, thereby allowing the NPS to manage invasive species currently in the parks more efficiently without having to worry about new invasive species entering or additional invasive species proliferating amount. The expected outcome of this research project is to decrease the spread of invasive species by creating awareness around the issue for tourists while simultaneously sparking a conversation around this issue of invasive species in the national parks. This process will hopefully encourage tourists to get more involved in national parks, start a conversation around invasive species, minimize the spread, and hopefully decrease the amount of money needed to remove the invasive species, since tourists will be working together to discourage the spread.