College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Arts in History - Thesis (MA)


Matthew Hill


Loyalist, Preachers, American Revolution




“Loyalists were those who remained loyal to the British Crown and did not support America’s fight for independence leading up to, and during, the American Revolution. Being loyal to the crown was the normal practice for all Americans prior to the increasing call for independence.” In the time leading up to and during the American Revolution (1765-1783), Loyalist preachers defended their stance on remaining loyal to Great Britain utilizing Bible themes and specific verses. Oftentimes, as with the Patriots, these Loyalist preachers took these themes and verses out of context or misquoted them. They also used Bible themes and verses to fuel propaganda for their cause. It is important to understand the justification for these preachers and the Bible themes and verses they stood on. It is also important to understand why they remained loyal in the first place and how their religion played a role in that decision. Repeated history, more often than not, concentrates on the victors. In the case of the American Revolution, the Patriots were the victors and the Loyalists were seen as treasonous and were often exiled. Despite violent opposition, these men and women stood firm in their conviction and remained loyal to Great Britain and to God.

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