School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Jerry Newman


Video Game, Video Game Music, Education


Music | Music Education


This study examines the potential benefits of incorporating video game music into various forms of music education. Since no previous scholarly work could be found on this specific subject, this study relies on examining various aspects of video game music and adjacent studies on student motivation and achievement. The study is broken up into several sections. An analytical study determines that video game music has developed to the point where it is just as complex as other forms of music and has unique aspects that could make it a valuable tool in education. The study also examines the uses of music in games in terms of narrative and producing desired feelings and emotions. This section provides ample evidence that video game music provides unique and compelling examples of practical uses of music in media. The third and final section explores scholarly work incorporating student’s interests into education. Overall, there is a strong case for video game music gaining more representation in education, but gathering solid proof would require larger and longer-term studies than this project's scope.