School of Communication and the Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Joseph C. Wright


Graphic Design, UX, UI, Interactive, Application, Web Design


Art and Design | Graphic Design | Online and Distance Education


Even with complications, remote learning can be successful with the development of user friendly designed solutions. While there are educational tools and platforms available that electronically support remote learning, many students and teachers do not have deep technological knowledge and many lack internet access outside of school. Without access to the internet, many of them experience interruptions in their education. This underscores the needs of both the educator, and the students during sudden and unexpected periods of school closure. The research objectives of this project focus on current learning tools, their design, and their accessibility during remote learning. The level of technology available today plays a significant part in the design and delivery of K-12 education. The results of a literature review identified issues in remote learning, including those within the ongoing pandemic. In effect, this project identifies the importance of using design principles to solve this problem. The goal is to provide a solution that enables learning in remote environments with limited or no internet access, further emphasizing the importance of utilizing modern technology and design principles when creating effective remote learning tools.