School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Keith A. Currie


Prenatal, Postnatal, Early Childhood, Music, Education, Christian


Education | Music | Music Education


From the prenatal to postnatal/infancy stages, to early childhood and beyond, music plays an integral role in development. This research study aims to detail and describe the benefits of a prenatal, postnatal/infant, and early childhood Christian music education. Employing a mixed-methods and historical research approach, this study seeks to answer the question, in what ways, if any, could a prenatal, postnatal/infant, and early childhood Christian music education be beneficial for developing children and their mothers? By combining the benefits of an early childhood music education with Christian principles, the results of this study will have significance in not only the field of music education but in ministry settings as well. As a result of this study, a curriculum was developed to teach prospective music educators and children’s ministry personnel how to effectively use Christian music in the early childhood stages of development. While many music education programs are readily available for infants and children in the early childhood stages, these programs do not include the prenatal and immediate postnatal development stages and lack biblical principles. The proposed curriculum will teach students how to successfully implement age-appropriate music activities in all three stages of development to support developing children and their mothers through a music-based ministry. This curriculum embodies the call of the Great Commission and strives to transform lives through the power of Jesus while incorporating the immense blessing of music and education.