School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Rebecca Watson


Music and Art Education, Self-expression, Communication, Creative Expression, Children's Expression, Music and Art Expression


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Music and art are vehicles for creative expression that people have practiced throughout history to express and communicate their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and experiences. Art is the purest and most unique form of self-expression, but today’s perception of art is usually accessible for people who are naturally gifted or specialize in a particular art form. Children have the potential to understand, learn, and enjoy music if given a chance to explore creative expression. Especially during pre-adolescence or adolescence, many young children find it difficult to express themselves outwardly because they are concerned about peer relations and people’s expectations. While an advance in technology provides many benefits to society, young children are often widely exposed to the media and they may learn inappropriate ways of expressing themselves and communicating with others. This study seeks to offer solutions to the lack of opportunities for young children in a transitional phase of adolescence to experience various musical and artistic expressions through the designed curriculum, Music and More (M&M): See Appendix A. Successful implementation of the curriculum may help students express and share their thoughts and feelings confidently through music and art expressions.