School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Jerry L. Newman


Worship, New Testament, Theology, Non-Traditional Worship, COVID-19


Liturgy and Worship | Music


The purpose of worship is to praise the God of all and give Him thanks for all He has done. Based on the Old Testament and the New Testament, one thing is certain: God has always desired to have a relationship with His people. However, it was not until the death, resurrection, and ascension of God’s only Son that believers could worship God freely. Now, worship is unhindered. Jesus Christ broke every chain and has become the bridge-way for all God’s people to have a free relationship with Him. This research paper will uncover the biblical principles discovered in the New Testament of worship and the connection of worship to the COVID-19 pandemic. The evaluation will utilize a qualitative study to identify how worshipers can still praise God amidst an epidemic. Supporting content and exploration will respond to the following question: How can worship leaders reach worship participants through non-traditional means? Answering this question will require analysis of biblical principles as well as the integrity behind virtual-led worship services. This study is significant as it will highlight the need to worship the Lord, encourage worshipers to remember and understand the gospel story, and support how it can be utilized to share the good news of Jesus Christ by practicing theological doctrine in non-traditional means. Further, this review can provide a useful tool to guide worship leaders in leading worship participants that embraces and expresses the redemption story; a story all Christians must remember and acknowledge. This project is written to glorify God and provide knowledge to Christ-followers of God’s provision during troubling times.