School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Scott Bullman


Reconciliation, Gospel, Worship, Music, Cross, Choir




This project explores the meaning of reconciliation to the Father through the sacrifice of Christ. At its fundamental level, the gospel contains the most radical example of reconciliation, where the offended is the party to reestablish contact. Vertical reconciliation is to be the precursor to horizontal reconciliation. The problem is that the body of Christ is far too divided. This division takes on a number of forms within the church, none of which is biblical. As the capstone project of an M.A. in Music and Worship degree, the purpose of the study is twofold. The first is to examine how the call to be ministers of reconciliation is to govern the Christian’s daily behavior. The second is to consider the role of music in this calling. The method of this study is a Worship Program Recital, or a Lecture Recital, with an emphasis in conducting. In order to relate biblically to God, men and women must appreciate His character, while acknowledging the standard required to know Him. The gospel is the framework for life, and ACCESS RESTORED is one lens through which to understand and apply it.

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