College of Arts and Sciences


Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MA)


Andrew Smith


Global Englishes, Variations of English, Curriculum, ESL, EFL, World Englishes


Education | English Language and Literature


This study was conducted in order to develop a procedure for creating a globally recognized curriculum for teaching students and teachers about global variations of English. The study first sought to discover attitudes towards global variations of English of speakers in each of Kachru’s three-circles model of World Englishes. Once there was an understanding of the negative attitudes that exist towards variations that fall within all three circles, the next goal was to determine what was being done to change this negative attitude. This meant analyzing curriculum and studies to determine how students and teachers are being educated on the topic of global variations of English. The conclusion was reached that only minimal efforts were made to accomplish the goal of educating students and teachers about global variations of English. The study was concluded with recommendations for implementation of a curriculum that teachers can use to make students aware of the existence of global variations of English and the types of attitudes that should be used when a variation is encountered.