School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Kathryn Wert


Gamification, Game-Based Learning, Gamified System Design, Engagement


Adult and Continuing Education | Music | Music Education


This curriculum project is designed to provide music educators in the public and private sector with introductory knowledge about the topic of gamification and game-based learning, framed within the scope of an online continuing education course. It is meant for adult learners who teach young musicians in the K-12 range. The course offers a set of strategies and step-based processes that help transform a traditional music lesson plan into an interactive and meaningful learning experience that leverages games. The games created by the students in the course can serve to motivate music students by incorporating a sense of competition and personal achievement in and out of the classroom. Research in game-based design will demonstrate the usability of gamification within music education. This project aims to provide gamified knowledge delivery methods and assessment tools that apply to students in K-12. While one of the goals of gamification is to enhance music education through the creation of fun activities, the curriculum does not lose focus on the importance adhering to the National Core Arts Standards of creating and performing. 1 Game-based learning can complement hard-work and consistent practice through the use of game elements during a music lesson. Educational games can be a valuable method of instruction when a student struggles to understand complex subjects such as music theory by helping the student develop necessary critical thinking skills. Game-based music learning can also increase student interest and participation during class. Keywords: gamification, game-based learning, gamified system design, engagement