School of Communication and Digital Content


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Chris Clark


GPS, Graphic Design, Small Business, Application, Road Trip, Travelers


Art and Design | Graphic Design


This thesis is an investigation into the prtoblem of marketing for small businesses with little funds and means for advertisement. Past, present and predicted future methods of marketing prove there is room for improvement in affordability through existing advancements. Literature reviews and case studies explore the most lucrative ways forward. Research also indicates that large numbers of potential consumers are missed by small businesses due to their general lack of embracing newer communication technology such as store apps. This extra support measure provides users with notifications that highlight coupons and deals and has a proven record of success for larger companies with the resources to accommodate. Despite the hurdles of implementing the various forms of marketing, this thesis explores a solution by way of a mobile app to alleviate the burden of travelers finding smaller local businesses en route to a destination. This is due to the unrealistic nature of building and maintaining dedicated store apps, which is an undertaking that many small businesses are not built to maintain. To bridge the gap, it was deduced that an app for all businesses would be effective in reaching out to potential customers in an immediate area by way of GPS and geofencing. Additional research investigates driver safety in relation to mobile applications, which considers color, type, shapes and other aesthetics that can distract drivers from the road.