School of Communication and Digital Content


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Brianna O'Neal


Art Therapy, Children, Spirituality, Health, Graphic Design, Rehabilitation


Art and Design | Graphic Design


Living My Best Life (LMBL) is a qualitative research study that explores how creative products can help provide a positive impact on children. Research shows that various forms of art are utilized in therapy, classroom settings, outreach programs, and in homes to help children overcome complicated, disturbing, and disruptive behavior due to adverse circumstances they have experienced in their life. The research revealed how strategy that utilizes and implements creative products and activities can actually alter the perspective of children in a more productive and optimistic manner. The products serve as long and short-term interventions against negative thoughts and actions. This study has inspired a gifting program solution as a tool, using creative products, to aid in the psychological recovery of children who have endured traumatic hardships. __ No matter the odds, children from adverse backgrounds can live their best lives if their capacity to build and use a positive perspective and outcome is taught, strengthened and guided by positive reinforcement. LMBL is a gifting program designed for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and other traumatic situations, to provide encouragement through motivational messaging. Recipients would receive monthly gifts such as positive games, activities, birthday cards, prizes, books, and apparel tailored to promote confidence, perseverance, and healthy choices throughout their life, spiritually, mentally and physically.