School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Mindy Damon


Responsive Classroom, Diversity, Culturally Relevant Teaching, Social Emotional Learning, Inner-city, Praxial


Education | Music | Music Education


In present day America, there is a growing need for educators to acknowledge diversity and create a safe learning environment for all students. Students should feel safe, welcomed, and free to express themselves in any classroom. While there are many social emotional learning (SEL) strategies to support building this atmosphere, for over 40 years the Responsive Classroom Approach (RCA) has made a significant impact on the culture of classrooms across America. By fostering an environment to “build academic and social-emotional competencies every day,” RCA provides teachers a tool to promote relationship building within their school populations. However, with a rapidly growing diverse population, educators must ensure consistent implementation of such strategies as the Responsive Classroom approach (RCA). This project, Responsive Classroom Approach (RCA) in Music Classrooms to Acknowledge and Cultivate Diversity, is designed to determine in what ways the Responsive Classroom approach can be utilized to support the growing diversity in music classrooms. Through qualitative historical analysis of pre-existing literature on the Responsive Classroom Approach, this study will find the benefits of RCA and develop a curriculum around RCA that helps music teachers reach their students despite diverse populations and potential predisposed ideas of student behaviors.