School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Keith Currie


Worship, Music, Requirements, Principles, Church Music




Since creation, God's plan for humanity was for the purpose of worship. How we worship matters, and there are stringent guidelines in the Old Testament and the New Testament on how it should be conducted. As society has changed across ages, modes of worship have changed both negatively and positively. This research paper aims to discuss the Biblical principles of music and worship directed toward the worship leader by exploring the principles of worship taken from the Old and New Testaments in the Bible. The review will employ a qualitative explanatory study design to answer the question, what, in addition to gifts and talents, make for a qualified worship leader? Additionally, the sub-questions framed for this study are as follows: What are the correct intentions for the music ministry? Have the changes in musical styles and other significant church worship changes over the years altered the way we worship? Answering these questions will require exploring the Biblical purpose of music, knowing the importance of planning, and developing effective relationships. It will also involve examining the issue of attire and knowing when to stop the music. This study is significant as it will highlight how worship should be conducted to align with God's Word, including the integrity of the heart of the worship leader at a time when the church is witnessing dramatic changes due to technology and globalization. Besides, this review can be used as a reference point for Bible colleges and churches as there is an urgent need to equip worship leaders with the necessary Biblical principles that will help them effectively lead their congregants into God's presence.

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