School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


David K. Schmal


Curriculum, Kodaly, Music Education, Music Values, Orff, Suzuki


Education | Music | Music Education


We all need Music in our lives. Music education is valued less in the education system, but present data from these literature sources of articles, books, and research, tells us another story. For decades school systems have struggled with whether or not to include Music in the education system. There are many values for Music, including individual growth and development. In this research study, I intend to showcase the central benefits of Music to help show there is a need for these programs and to help promote music programs based on their own merits and not just because of academic success. A change also needs to occur in how to teach Music to the young. We need to preserve music education in schools and create a new music curriculum to help promote Music. The research on the main aspects of the Orff, Kodaly, and Suzuki approaches show that Music engages school children on both a personal and social level, as well as impacting their academic growth. I will then analyze this data, collected from journal articles and books about the values of music and learning approaches, to answer my research questions. I will then use this analytical data in my thesis to explain the significance of Music, the importance of these approaches in music education, and layout guidelines and ideas for a new curriculum. In completing my research, I hope to create more awareness of the values of Music and what it brings to the educational system. I will explain the different teaching approaches and how they promote Music and lead to success in personal, social, and academic areas while generating ideas and guidelines for a new curriculum for young children.