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Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Stephen Kerr


Hybrid, Ensemble, Music Education


Music | Music Education


Music education plays a significant role within the public school and needs to be available to all students. Students should have opportunities to learn with voice or instrument and learn the art of performing for an audience. Students that are unable to attend music classes in a traditional class setting or have selected different pathways for their education other than a traditional classroom setting, may be excluded from opportunities to work with others in a collective music environment. Limited options are available for students to remain in their school ensembles when schedule conflicts arise for example, with advanced classes or career preparation opportunities. To reach a deeper understanding of how school scheduling is affecting music ensemble classes, a survey will be provided to music educators. The intent of the study is to provide music educators with a model that they may use to work with students who wish to continue in ensemble classes in a non-traditional class setting.