School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Gabriel Miller


Visually Impaired, Music Theory, Music Theory Pedagogy, Graduate Music Theory


Education | Music | Music Education | Music Pedagogy


Visually impaired individuals often encounter obstacles when seeking to become financially independent and obtain marketable skills. An increase in technology has allowed visually impaired persons, who desire to further their musical skills, the capability to seek further education. However, there is a lack of curriculum, especially in higher education, for teaching music theory skills to visually impaired individuals. Because a foundational knowledge of music is developed through music theory, it is essential that music educators at higher education institutions are prepared and equipped to properly and adequately teach and prepare visually impaired individuals for the music industry. By building on the research and pedagogical suggestions of music educators, this study will suggest sustainable, proven pedagogical methods to help equip both educators and visually impaired students. The Curriculum Project will provide a framework to teach a graduate level music theory course specifically designed to meet the unique needs of visually impaired music students.