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Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Monica D. Taylor


Music Education, Curriculum, Alabama Music Heritage, Music Appreciation, Music History, Folklore


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Across general music curricula, there is always a concern for student interest. For elementary age students, music is viewed as magical and fun. It seems that as students age, if they are not in band, music begins to lose some of its magic. With any class, student interest and involvement is key for the academic success of the curriculum. If students have to take a class that they do not want to take, they automatically lose interest. It is important for teachers to present their curriculum to students in a way that grabs their attention and allows them to enjoy what they get out of the class. In the case of Music Appreciation/Art’s Survey classes in colleges and high schools throughout Alabama, students are not always interested to learn about music. They assume that “boring” music will be covered – for example, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic music. Music Appreciation courses should be relatable to the students. This proposal will give a deeper look into creating a music curriculum that centers around Alabama Music History and folklore. Research will guide the development of this curriculum as well as interviews and focus groups. Specific research questions will be answered that will lead to the end result of a music curriculum that allows students to relate and make connections with the state they live in.