School of Visual and Performing Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Barron Bell


Entrepreneurial, Graphic Design, Apparel, Start-up, Business


With an incredibly dense online market existing and expanding, the capability of an entrepreneurial designer to sell their work and stand out from the crowd is an ever-growing problem. A small self-owned business can be easily lost in the web’s plethora of ads, get-rich-quick schemes, and content in general. Through case studies, secondary research, and visual research, the graduate student has attempted to thoroughly explore this online realm before executing what she believes to be a prosperous route to success. The word “success” here is referring to the creation of an appealing brand and designed products within the brand. Various online platforms allowing for a sole-owned business have been examined, among which the student believes she has found the best option that also allows for individuality. In concurrence with the written portion of the thesis, the student will produce the following: a brand identity for an online business, a social media marketing presence, a wide range of designed products, and a designed platform on which to sell products featuring the student’s designs.