School of Visual and Performing Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


Stacy Cannon


Visual Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Enneagram, Personality Art, Personality Psychology


Art and Design | Graphic Design | Photography


The home is an environment that is the prime center for self-expression, personal sanctuary, and solace. On a psychological level, the home is a representation of the individual and, therefore, that individual should identify and find pleasure in their personal home space. Decorative art has long provided visual solutions for our innate desire to accentuate our spaces and express ourselves. However, there is a need for a connection between the visual arts and the augmentation of our basic psychological needs through home décor. With countless resources available for an individual to become more self-aware, there is a deficit in the visual arts created to communicate a sense of psychological peace and belongingness to the individual through good design of the sacred space that is a home. The writer provides an overview of the Enneagram types, the principles of design and the elements of art to provide insight into the design decisions made to produce artwork that is consistent with each of the Enneagram types. The home should be a place of psychological, physical, and emotional peace for the individual. The design student has utilized such accessible self-knowledge tools, such as the Enneagram, to create home décor pieces that are tailored with the individual’s preferences in mind.