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School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Keith A. Currie


Music Education, Technology, Technology Integration, SmartMusic, Teoria, Sight-singing


Music | Music Education


Technology integration is a rapidly growing trend in the field of education today. This study investigates various ways of integrating technology to enhance instruction and learning in the music classroom. In order for technology to be effectively integrated in the music classroom, music educators must not only be aware of the technology available but must also remain informed of the most effective ways of implementing technology into instruction and learning. The scope of this study examines the use of two specific resources, SmartMusic and Teoria, and their effectiveness in teaching and learning sight-singing, ear-training, and rhythm reading, notation, and performance skills in a high school music class setting. Data, in the form of pre and post-assessment scores, is collected and analyzed to measure learning and mastery of skills. This analysis helps to determine the effectiveness of technology integration during instruction and practice. Additional data is collected through surveys administered to students as well as a group of music educators concerning their experiences with technology in the music classroom. The results drawn from this data are useful in determining effective ways of using technology to enhance instruction and learning in the music classroom.