School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Betty Melinda Damon


Enrollment, School Band Programs, Continuity of Instruction, Adolescents, Director, Emotional Support


Music | Music Education


Student involvement in school band programs can be a positive learning experience. By featuring both physical activity and multi-level brain function, successful band programs support positive student results in both academic and social development. Graduation rates in band students are often higher than that of the overall student population. By recognizing this, increased graduation rates could be supported by increasing and retaining band student enrollment. This study examined and identifies the characteristics of band programs that contribute to increased effectiveness through the utilization of one director for both middle and high school. Additionally, the musical qualities band students having the same director for both middle and high school was examined. Social and peer issues impact the lives of most adolescents. The significant emotional support experienced by many band students during the development of multi-year personal relationships serves to enhance their development and success in areas outside of music. By examining existing research in this context, the study found that there is an increased enrollment in situations where band directors are utilized in both the middle and high school band situation. The literature suggests that the continuity of instruction illustrates a musical rapport and understanding between student and director unique to the band experience.