School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Keith Currie


Worship and Liturgy as Christian Formation, Music and Modern Liturgical Studies, Post-modern Christian Ministry, Theology of Corporate Worship Music, Historical Practices and Christian Doxology, Music Education for Church Ministry


Higher Education | Liturgy and Worship | Music | Music Performance


This thesis looks at developments in evangelical/Pentecostal contemporary Christian worship music (CWM) in response to its theological critiques and analyzes the effects they are having on what training worship leaders will need. CWM has grown into a global phenomenon that largely either disregards or is ignorant of its theological critics. The rapid rate of churches adopting CWM practices in their services has led to numerous universities creating post-secondary degrees in Worship Leadership focused specifically on modern expressions of worship. This thesis uses a convergent parallel mixed methods research model to analyze how worship practices are changing in key evangelical-turned-sacramental churches to determine the worship education needs of worship leaders in similar churches. The research results can be used by universities to adapt or create Worship Leadership degrees that properly equip students for careers in the current and future church job marketplace. Churches can use these findings to help them navigate similar transitions in their worship practices. This research showed that evangelical-sacramental churches still use contemporary and modern musical genres but also use traditional songs. The research shows that these churches require worship leaders to be proficient in modern and traditional music styles, historical worship practices, songwriting, and pastoral care.