Kevin HarrisFollow




School of Visual and Performing Arts


Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA)


David Meyer


Film, Graphic Design, Art, Movie, Short Film, Metaphor


Art and Design | Film Production | Graphic Design


This paper provides a methodology for combining Graphic Design and Narrative Film together in a way that creates a type of visual metaphor that is central to the story and characters of the film. Because visual mediums of communication are so intrinsically tied to verbal means of communication, this methodology is grounded in the linguistic study of poetry and metaphor. Thus, the concept of metaphor will be analyzed thoroughly in language, poetry, fine arts, and modern arts. The ways in which metaphor is created visually through the art forms of graphic design and narrative film will be of upmost interest here. The various methodologies for creating visual metaphor in these two art forms will be established and then combined to create a new methodology for using graphic design with film in a poetic way. This new methodology will also include a summary of how basic design principles must change when overlaying graphic design and typography with moving images. Secondary research (including case studies of films and graphic design) will be the most beneficial way of accumulating the necessary information to establish this methodology. This information will finally be implemented in the creation of a ten-minute short film, which follows the story of a girl who thinks she might have brain cancer.