Master of Theology (ThM)

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies; Religion, General; Religion, History of; Theology


Current text-critical methodology requires thorough knowledge of manuscript documents. An application of this principle shows Duke MS. GK. 1 to be a Greek minuscule MS containing the entire NT with catenae for most books. Done by a skilled scribe, the palaeography of this parchment codex suggests its origin at ca. 1100 AD.

1 Peter of Duke MS. GK. 1 contains several common scribal variations and errors. Variants resulting from moveable ~, itacisms, and manuscript traditions are common. These were determined by comparison of Duke MS. GK. 1 with the critical apparatuses of the following editions of the Greek NT: Nestle/Aland 26, UBs2, UBS 3, Tischendorf's eighth edition, and von Soden's three volume set.

Several variants appear to be unique readings of Duke MS. GK. 1. Errors of expansions of the text, one possible intentional change, haplographies, and errors of the eye and mental fatigue are present and at times result in nonsense readings. Three errors in this letter have been corrected, possibly by the scribe himself.

1 Peter of Duke MS. GK. 1 is part of the Byzantine text tradition. Collation of Duke MS. GK. 1, p72, p74, tt, and B against the Textus Receptus shows Duke MS. GK. 1 to be Byzantine in nature. In places of variation, its text exhibits 85.5 percent agreement with that of the Textus Receptus.