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Rawlings School of Divinity


Master of Arts in Global Studies (MAGS)


Jones Kaleli


Doctrine, Religion, Salvation


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Other Religion | Religion


For the promotion of the Gospel, this study seeks to examine Soteriology in Mainstream Monotheistic Religions: The Messiah Conundrum. This decidedly charged topic critically researches the philosophy of salvation doctrine, or soteriology, within major monotheistic religions. The highlighted problem is the Messiah conundrum, with critical research on each doctrine for epistemological significance of a savior and their beliefs surrounding salvation. This mystery of where, or who humans turn to for salvation, is vitally important when considering the principle of sufficient reason in today’s hermeneutic and apologetic circles. The purpose fueling this thesis is the resolute documenting of beliefs of major monotheistic religions and their sub-categories, and where, if any, each correlates with salvation in Christ Jesus. The thesis Scripture verse is clear, “there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12, ESV). The current impassioned discussions within politics, churches, academia, homes, and in local marketplaces around the world, questions of which religion is true, and if there is really salvation in only one spiritual figure? The major monotheistic religions researched include: Christianity with sub-categories of Protestantism, Catholicism, and Messianic Gentiles; Islam both moderate and extreme; and Judaism where the divisions are Rabbinic, liberal, and Messianic. Additional sections will include stories of conversion, and critically look at answering questions, such as: Can there actually be only one Messiah?; Was Jesus really just a great teacher?; Do all roads lead to God?—as Interfaithism touts; and What is the view of Jesus Christ as the One True Living Messiah from the multi-faith perspective? The conclusion provides a summation of research and results.