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Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Mindy Damon


biblical, curriculum, music, praxial, preschool, teaching


Music Education


The research conducted in this study strove to identify the effects of a praxial music approach with the integration of biblical principles on teacher training and preschool students’ learning. Currently, universities do not offer music education students instruction in preschool music pedagogy that incorporates a praxial music approach with biblical principles. Several sources were consulted to discover the need for a college level curriculum geared towards teaching a praxially and biblically-based music curriculum in preschool. As a method to discover how beneficial it is to incorporate praxial music teaching with a biblical foundation, this study establishes a framework and curriculum for a collegiate course that teaches prospective music instructors how to incorporate praxial and biblical concepts into preschool music. As preschool-age children tend to lack solid theoretical concepts in music, future preschool teachers will be able to utilize the material taught in this curriculum to integrate a praxial approach with biblical concepts. With the utilization of the historical research approach, the study fills a gap in the literature with this approach while projecting probable benefits from the use of the curriculum. With the need for new and effective methods of teaching preschool music from a biblical and praxial perspective, preschool teachers will be able to effectively teach the basic fundamentals of music, such as note reading, rhythms, and music listening skills to children 3-5 years old, with applied praxial activities and biblical concepts to teach Bible stories and core biblical principles.