School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Paul Rumrill


Band Director Education, Experiential Learning, Flipped Classroom Method, Kolb’s Learning Theory, Praxial Philosophy, Testing


Education | Music | Music Education | Music Pedagogy | Teacher Education and Professional Development


Today's educational climate is rapidly shifting. High stakes testing, both from the federal and state governments, have drastically altered the landscape of public education in America. Although all subjects are feeling the impact of these new educational initiatives, music education is suffering uniquely during this time. With music education so drastically different in modern education compared to what is was before the year 2001, because of the implementation of sweeping federal changes, it is important that we take a new and fresh look at band director education. Students are entering the job field as first year band directors with very little to no hands-on training in how to deal with the daunting new world of public education in the testing era. While not a replacement for in-class student teaching and placement, this band leadership course will employ the experiential learning theory based on Kolb’s (1984) learning cycle and methods of flipped classroom and praxial instructional methods to deliver students hands-on experiential learning and skills that are instantly applicable in modern public classrooms.