School of Music


Master of Arts in Music and Worship (MA)


Mark Greenawalt


Salvation, Sanctification, Shame, Sin, Surrender, Transformation




This research project was designed to help Christians identify and overcome hidden shame so that they would be able to enjoy a more authentic connection with God and as an extension, to His people. I chose this topic because Christians are often seen by non-Christians as being judgmental, critical and unloving. This behavior does not reflect the transformation and behavior mandated in Romans 12 and other similar scriptures. Because these behaviors are sinful, the investigation began with a review of mankind’s first sin in the garden of Eden. Out of that review, I discovered that shame is commonly found alongside sin. As I researched the concepts of sin and shame, it became clear that there are some common shame producing doctrinal misunderstandings held by many Christians. Those misunderstandings led me to the further investigation of salvation by grace, surrender to God’s will, and the post salvation sanctification process. The results show that sin and shame ultimately result in separation from God. God’s plan was for connection with His people, which he reenacted through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Still, Christians find it difficult to acknowledge their hidden shame and begin healing. However by understanding Romans 12, engaging in prayer, selecting intentional worship songs and the use of cognitive behavioral therapeutic methods Christians can realize the fullness of their salvation as they connect in new and meaningful ways with God and His people.

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