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Monica Taylor


American School of Oboe Playing, American Scrape, Oboe Reeds, John de Lancie, John Ferrillo, John Mack, Marcel Tabuteau


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Though the American school of oboe playing did not exist roughly a century ago, its popularity and impact, in all of its variations, currently extends throughout and beyond the United States. Marcel Tabuteau, the founding father of the American school, developed a new and unique style during the early part of the twentieth century. This style became a truly hybrid school grounded in the French oboe school, and developed through his playing and teaching at the Curtis Institute of Music into a style that encompasses beauty, expression, and the vibrancy that has come to typify the American school oboist. The scope of this study included exploring available archival resources and interviewing seven current professional American oboists to trace the heritage and development of the American oboe school. The body of quotes from Tabuteau, his students, and their students in conjunction with quotes from interviews with current, American professional oboists allow for an informative perspective into the world of the American oboist. Themes and commonalities can be followed from their inception to their current presentation within the American school providing insight into how the American school of oboe playing continues to evolve.