School of Music


Master of Arts in Music Education (MA)


Monika Taylor


Biblical Worldview, Christian Higher Education, Faith-Learning Integration, Piano Pedagogy


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Piano pedagogy, like teacher education in any discipline, is built on the conviction that an individual can be trained to be a successful piano teacher. However, determining what specific aspects to include in the piano pedagogy classroom to foster a pre-service piano teacher’s growth and development is a point of much discussion. Oftentimes piano teacher training focuses on developing the characteristics considered essential to the role of a successful piano teacher. For Christian pre-service piano teachers and piano pedagogy professors in Christian colleges and universities, these characteristics provide a meaningful way for Biblical truth and piano pedagogy coursework to intersect. By examining relevant literature and conducting a Biblical analysis of twelve characteristics of successful piano teachers, this study attempts to provide a rationale for one example for approaching faith-learning integration in the piano pedagogy classroom. In order to provide current piano pedagogy professors with a practical example of this approach, a 12-week curriculum is provided for a course entitled “Introduction to Piano Pedagogy” that is based on a Biblical worldview. The course not only implements faith-learning integration, but also utilizes the most recent recommendations in music education/piano pedagogy research for effective teacher training.