School of Divinity


Master of Arts (MA)


David J Pederson


Contextualization, Evangelism, Missions


Biblical Studies | Buddhist Studies | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Hindu Studies | Other Religion | Religion


The purpose of this thesis is to build on to research pertaining to Christian meditation, the Transcendental Meditation movement, and theological contextualization for possible evangelism strategy to reach adherents of TM. The first chapter begins with the purpose of the thesis as well as its limitations and research methods to be involved, with a layout of the rest of the thesis. In the second chapter, the literature review examines material from several different perspectives: Christianity, TM, the TM turned Christian, and the nonreligious field of science. The third chapter includes historical background on Transcendental Meditation, its interaction with Western culture, a historical and scriptural background and Biblical word study on Christian Meditation as well as a comparison between Christian meditation and TM. Chapter four examines approaches to TM by other major religions, secularists, as well as secular disciplines and areas of life such as the clinical and health sciences, psychology, legal issues, and popular culture; the chapter ends with discussion on approaches to TM by Christian enthusiasts and evangelists. The fifth chapter concludes the thesis by narrowing the focus to the worldview of TM adherents, and in light of that and the chapters before, explores bridges and strategy for evangelism before closing. Rather than substituting a form of Christian Meditation for TM, the preferred bridge is to focus on truth found in the Gospel as a replacement for the lies and broken promises of TM.